Our mission is to raise, produce and provide sheep to the industry that are true to their breed standards. We are focused on structure, style and soundness in order to accommodate our goal.

Maple Lawn Farm is located in Bergen approximately 20 miles west of Rochester N.Y. and 30 miles east of Buffalo. Currently our flock consists of Shropshires, Suffolks and club/ market lambs. What started off as a 4-H project for my sister with a Suffolk ewe from George Mayne has turned into a 40 year tradition.

Our daughter Madelynn started raising Hampshires 8 years ago then in 2013 she made a move back to our family roots by transitioning her flock to Suffolks. Although she is just beginning in the Suffolk breed she is off to a great start. She was lucky enough to purchase the Fitzpatrick, Shamrock Farms flock that was built on roughly 50 years of heritage.

Our son Brendan began raising Shropshires 7 years ago. His flock has a heavy background of Rife, City Limits, Sweet and Brandt. In 2013 Brendan partnered with Mandy Swartz (Attica Loc-Up) on the purchase of a City Limits ram; RRiot. We are confident he will take Brendan’s flock to the next level.

Madelynn Pimm
Brendan Pimm